How to Install a Tub Faucet Outdoors How to Install a Tub Faucet Outdoors

What You'll Need
Adjustable wrench
Copper tube cutter
Copper pipes
Soldering paste or flux
Putty knife
Decorative covering for your faucet
Pipe fittings
Plumbing tape
Working gloves

If you have an outdoor tub that needs a new faucet, you can easily install tub faucet by following this procedure.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Faucet

Before you start working on your tub faucet, be sure to turn off the water supply to your tub. Put a bucket underneath the faucet to catch whatever water may be left inside the pipes even after you turn off the shut-off valve. To remove the old faucet from your tub, latch the adjustable wrench on the pipe joint right below the faucet then turn it. If you are using copper pipes and your pipes are already old and corroded, you may have to use more force to get the old faucet out. If the pipe joint does not budge even after you exerted a lot of effort to turn it, put some lubricant onto the pipe joints to loosen the corrosion. Leave the lubricant on for about two to three hours before you try to loose the pipe again. After removing the faucet, clean the insides of the fitting using a brush or steel wool.

On the other hand, if you are using galvanized plumbing you will need to break loose the faucet unions to be able to remove the old faucet. After breaking the unions, discard it and put on new galvanized couplings. To install new galvanized couplings, place the tubing in front of the ring then turn the ring to tighten it.

Step 2 – Install Copper Adapter

To install copper piping, wrap plumbing tape around the threads then install a copper male adapter into your coupling.

Step 3 – Install the Tub Faucet

For water to properly drain out from your tub, your faucet must be centered over the drain hole of the tub. Before you install the tub faucet, clean the ends of the pipes using a steel brush or sandpaper. Be sure to remove all debris from the ends of the pipe before you put some flux or soldering paste on the end of the copper pipe. To apply the soldering paste or flux, use a putty knife and do not let the paste or flux come in direct contact with your skin. After coating the pipe with soldering paste, align the copper pipe coated with soldering paste to the copper fitting then push the pipe in. Once the copper pipe is in place, attach the faucet to the pipe then add more soldering paste on the joints to ensure a sturdy fit.

Step 4 – Attach the Decorative Covering

Once your faucet is in place, you may attach the decorative cover. To do this, simply put the covering on top of the faucet and then tighten the screws around it.

Step 5 – Test Your Faucet

After installing your outdoor tub faucet, turn on the water supply to your tub. Test your faucet and watch out for any signs of leaking.

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