How to Install a Tubular Skylight Part 2 How to Install a Tubular Skylight Part 2

What You'll Need
Waterproof flashing
Reflective tubing
Tubular skylight

Once you have started to install your tubular skylight, you will now need to proceed to installing the flashing and fitting the dome of the light above the ceiling. In the first part, you made a hole in the ceiling, which will be the basis for both of these installations. Before you proceed, check that you have put the hole in the correct place, and that it is large enough to take the tubular skylight without leaving too much room on the side. In part 2 you will need to prepare the hole, and then fit flashing in order to protect your ceiling from rain and moisture.

Step 1 - Prepare the Hole

When you are ready to continue with the installation of your light, you will need to prepare the hole to support the skylight. First, remove all of the insulation from the hole, and move wires or pipes out of the way. You will then need to fit some plywood around the hole, in order to prevent the roofing from falling down while you are fitting the skylight. These pieces of wood are only temporary, so screw them in lightly to the frame of the roof. Take off any loose shingles, and then  clean the surface of the whole area, in order to prevent dust from falling onto your skylight when you are installing it. You are then ready to fit the flashing onto your roof.

Step 2  - Fit the Flashing

Take your ladder, and use it to climb to the point on the roof where the hole has been cut, Carefully measure the area around the hole, and calculate how much of the waterproof flashing you will need. Take your scissors, or other cutting tool and cut your flashing to the measurements you have taken. You may choose to install your flashing in two parts, in which case allow for a little overlap between the items. Take the flashing, and slide it under the tiles around the hole. Take your screws, and screw it tightly into place. Once the flashing is fitted, use a little bit of roof caulk to fit around the surface of the flashing, and replace any tiles that were removed.

Step 3 - Add the Reflective Tube

Take your reflective tube, and put it around the edge of the flashing, and screw tightly into place. This will form part of the light, so you need to fit it carefully. Make sure that the tube goes around the flashing without wrinkling or twisting.Remove all of the wooden supports from around the edge of the hole.

Step 4 - Add the Dome

Once you have fitted the tubing, you can then install the dome on the top of your ceiling. Make sure that this is clean before you apply it to the hole, and that all of the supports are gone. You can then fit your dome onto the flashing, and screw it tightly into place. Add some caulking around the edge to keep the dome secure.

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