How to Install a Turbine Chimney Cap

What You'll Need
Turbine ventilator cap for the chimney
Measuring tape

A turbine ventilator cap for your chimney is a great way of using nature's wind power to help vent your home and also keep out stray birds, squirrels, or other animals. It uses the power of the wind to spin and draw air out of the chimney. This type of ventilator cap also helps to more effectively draw smoke out of your fireplace.

Installing a turbine ventilator on the top of your chimney is not as difficult as you think and can be done in only a few minutes. This easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide will show you exactly what you need to do.

Step 1 - Measure the Chimney Opening

Before you purchase a turbine ventilator for your loft chimney, measure the chimney flue and opening. To do this, use a ladder to climb on top of your house and then measure the dimensions of the opening on your chimney. Measure both the length and width of the chimney and be sure to write the measurements down on a piece of paper.

Step 2 - Purchase the Chimney Cap

Visit your local hardware store or home improvement center and purchase a turbine ventilator for your chimney. Ask for one that has a spark arrester. These types of caps have smaller openings in the screen than do normal chimney caps and help prevent backdrafts. They also block most types of burning debris from passing out from the chimney top.

Step 3 - Install the Base

Once you have purchased the correct type of turbine cap for your home's chimney, it's time to install it. First, take the ladder and set it beside your house so you can access to the roof. Have someone help you get the ventilator cap to the top of your house and then carefully place the unit on top of your chimney.

Once you have the base of the turbine ventilator cap on top of the chimney, use the screwdriver to tighten down the tension screws that will hold the cap base in place. Before tightening the tension screws, make sure that the ventilator cap base is level and not installed at an angle.

Step 4 - Install the Chimney Cap

Next, place the turbine cap on top of the base. Use the included screws to secure the turbine ventilator cap to the base. Once you have installed the vent, you should notice that a small breeze will cause it to spin. This is an indication that it is working the way it should.