How to Install a Vacuum Compressor Pump How to Install a Vacuum Compressor Pump

What You'll Need
a vacuum compressor pump
a filtration division
pipe wrench
Connection pipes- can fit on the machine and on the water tank.

A vacuum compressor pump is important when cleaning a water storage system or when moving water masses from one end to the other. It clears the pollutants in the water and directs this waste to the filter bag. The void inside the machine traps all the dirt and the pressure induced forces the water to move from one section to the empty section on the other end.

Step 1 - Setting Up

Move the vacuum compressor pump to the area. For instance, close to the water storage or the pool. It should be on a higher level than the source of water and probably three feet away. If you are working on a pool, it connects to the skimmer line. Close the inlet of the tank so that you are dealing with the amount of water in it only without interference from an inflow.

Step 2 - Get the Water Supply

Attach the pipes on the inlet part of the vacuum compressor pump to have sufficient water for the filtration division. Secure the pipe using a pipe wrench to make sure the connection is tight. If this is not adequate, there will be excess air in the system and this will compromise the work of the machine. In addition, attach the machine to the pipe leading the water back into the pool. Have this pipe go down at least three feet from the machine. This will enhance the downward pressure.

Step 3 - Attach the Filtration Division

On the outlet part of the vacuum compressor pump, attach the filtration division. With the pressure from the water coming into the machine, the filtration division will select and retain the debris by sending it into the filter bag. The clean water will flow through the pipes into the pool, which will act as the recollection point.

Step 4 - Timing

Since the vacuum compressor pump has an inbuilt timer, adjust it to 30 minutes. This means the process of filtering will stop after that duration of time expires. This is enough time for the water to flow through and get filtered before heading down into the pool or tank. You also need to confirm that all the pipes and connections are tight. If something goes wrong, all the waste will head back into the system you have just cleaned.

Step 5 - Unplug and Undo

Power the vacuum compressor pump by plugging it into the main power supply and switch on the power button. When the procedure is complete, unplug it and undo the pipes connecting the vacuum compressor to the water source, the filtration division and the collection point. Take off the filter bag and empty it. This process can be repeated at least once a week to get rid of the waste in the pool or other water collection points.

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