How to Install a Van Wheelchair Lift on the Rear

A van wheelchair lift is mandatory equipment for all those who rely on wheelchairs for their transportation. What wheelchair design your van has depends on the style, specifications and requirements of the user however they are usually installed in the rear cargo area if the wheelchair is going to be placed around the back. Using tie downs is often necessary for using a wheelchair while traveling in any vehicle, especially vans. Installing a wheelchair lift on the rear of a van is only a moderately difficult procedure. Follow the steps below to complete the project with little difficulty.

Tools and Equipments

  • Screwdrivers
  • Drill with bits
  • Measuring tape
  • Mechanized lift system
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Wheelchair manual
  • Assistants

Step 1: Check the Material

Upon the arrival of your wheelchair check the package for any problems or damage to assure that your equipment has been safely delivered. Most wheelchairs provide a personal wiring harness to accommodate most types of vehicles and it is usually 20 to 25 feet long. A circuit breaker will also be required for the purpose of controlling the amount of power supplied through the wire.

Step 2: Prepare Your Van

Before you begin the actual installation, see to it that you disconnect your battery to prevent the risk of electrocution or short circuiting and also remove the back-most seat of your vehicle. This can be easily done by removing the latches found beneath the seat around the base of your car. However, you may remove the rows of seats through the rear door or remove them through the back rear door.

Step 3: Install the Mechanism

Install the foremost portion of your wheelchair list towards the entrance of your back door. Measure the distance to the door with the help of a measuring tape to assure that the lift can function properly from the point of installation. Drill down the bolts down the mechanism in that spot through the floor of the van. See to it that your wheelchair mechanism can work in line with other surrounding parts of your van. 

Step 4: Wire Your Lift

Lastly, wire your equipment. Attach the black wire to the negative terminal on the battery but see to it that you do not connect the red wire as yet. Locate a convenient pass through from the engine compartment to the interior of your car and pull the wire through after drilling that suitable point with precision. Try not to cut the wire left in the end as it is advisable to coil the excess wire and secure it inside the vehicle. Now attach the red wire to the battery and connect the harness to the mechanism that you installed in Step 3.

Step 5: Post-Installation Requirement

Re-connect the battery and put the removed seats back. To use your van wheelchair lift on the rear as effectively as possible, it is important to understand the particular specifications and limitations of your equipment. This may also enable you to avoid any possible difficulty or risk in future. Moreover, it is important to follow through with your dealer in regards to the after sales services so that your machine can be well-maintained and kept in the best condition possible.