How to Install a Vanguard PEX Turnout

Vanguard PEX requires fewer fittings than other piping material because it is more flexible. Hence, when you want to install a vanguard PEX turnout, it is important to have proper tools like clamps, straps or hangers. 

All that You Need

  • PEX Tubing
  • Clamps
  • Straps
  • Nylon Ties
  • Hangers
  • Metallic Connectors
  • Brass Swivel Elbow or Brass Swivel Fitting

Step 1:  Tubes and Bundles

Any kinds of tubes and bundles which are suspended must be given support horizontally or vertically with the help of clamps and hangers.  Allow for some slack because during cold temperatures, there is bound to be some contraction.

Step 2: Cutting Pipe to Size

With every pipe, you must allow for expansion or contraction of about 1 inch in every 100 inches of pipe for every 10 degrees F of temperature change. That is why it is important for you to cut the pipe long. 

Step 3:  Tying Bundles

Plumbing fixtures are generally located in groups, and often several distribution lines run towards the same location. It is easy to bundle these distribution lines together and tie them up with nylon ties or plastic strapping at fixed intervals.

Step 4: Drilling  Holes

The holes drilled through studs, plates or headers should be large enough to accommodate tubing bundles without binding so that there can be some free movement of the pipes.

Step 5:  Pipe Leading to Water Heater

Install a metallic piping between the water-heater and the Vanguard PEX. The connection could be with gas water heaters, electric water heaters or instantaneous water heaters. This piping can be used for water heater pressure or temperature relief lines.

Step 6:  Under a Concrete Slab

If you want to take the Vanguard PEX in or under a concrete slab, just use continuous lengths and install all connections outside the slab or in an access box. The PEX tubing can be protected with non-metallic sleeving material where it enters or exits a slab. There is, however, no need to sleeve it for the entire length inside the slab. 

Step 7:  Insulation

Install all PEX tubing within the insulation envelope of the structure. It is not necessary to insulate each PEX tube.

Step 8:  For Gas and Electric Water Heaters

If you are installing the PEX tubing for your gas heater, you need to use metallic connectors, but if the connection is being made for an electric water heater, you can connect directly to the inlets and outlets with the help of the brass fittings.

Protection from Sunlight

When you install a Vanguard PEX turnout, it is extremely important to take care that it is not installed where it is exposed to direct or indirect sunlight, especially if the material has been stored for more than 60 days.  However, if the exposure to the sun is for a short while, it can be further installed as desired.

Vanguard PEX pipes are getting more and more popular usage for residential and commercial plumbing. Before you start this type of do-it-yourself project, check with your local government and make sure that you do not need a permit to install the pipe. Once you have the green light to do the job yourself, it can be easy to install this kind of plumbing if you follow the instructions above.