How to Install a Vent Extension to a Heating Vent

What You'll Need
Starting Collar (6 inches in diameter)
Flexible Duct ( 6inches in diameter )
Metal Duct Tape
Nylon Strapping
Distribution Box
Carpenters Square
Tape Measure
Cordless Drill
Spiral saw
3 inch wood screws
1/2 inch metal screws
Utility Knife

Installing a heating vent extension properly is not an easy job but your efforts would be all worth it once you have your newly installed heating vent cozying up the room.

Step 1 – Mark and Cut Where the Vent Will Be Installed

Draw a 6 inch by 10 inch outline using the carpenter’s square where the new vent will be installed. After the square is drawn, drive a sequence of finishing nails into the wall to make sure that there are no joists. After this, it is time to cut a hole using a spiral saw following the square drawn as a guide. Once the hole is made, leave the wall panel in place to avoid the attic’s insulation from scattering into the room.

Step 2 - Make a Frame for the Register Box and Installing the Flexible Air Duct in the Attic

Now it’s time to work on the other side of the hole. Head to the attic, brush away the attic’s installation from the hole to make it easier for you to install the register box and air duct into the hole. Then make a 2 by 4 frame that would fit perfectly for the register box which is to be secured with a 3-inch wood screw. Now we are ready to install the air duct. An air duct has an inner duct, the fiber glass and the outer insulation jacket. We first pull the inner duct pipe and place it in the register box using a metal duct tape. Next pull the outer insulation jacket and secure it with a zip tie. Lastly, attach the register box to the wooden frame with a ½-inch metal screw.

Step 3 - Install the Starting Collar to the Main Heating Vent

We must first draw a 6 inch circular diameter outline and cut out using a utility knife where we have decided to connect the vent extension. Then the insert the Starting collar in the hole, fold up the rectangular cutouts at the bottom of the collar and seal it with a metal tape so it will hold its place securely.

Step 4 - Connect the Vent Extension to the Main Air Duct

Take the inner duct of the other end of the air duct from the extension vent and securely place it in the starting collar we have placed in the main vent. Use a metal tape to be sure it is fixed firmly. This is to be sure that there will be no air leaks and that the air is going where it’s supposed to go. After securing the inner duct, pull out the outer insulation jacket and zip tie again.

Step 5 - Screw up the Register Box

Now head back to the room, install the register box with screws provided by the unit.

And after that, you’re room should be much warmer with the newly installed vent in it.