How to Install a Vent in a Full View Storm Door

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  • 1-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 75-100
What You'll Need
Glass cutter (if not professionally cut)
Grease pencil
Glass adhesive
Door vent

A full view storm door lets additional light into a home. One problem is that if they have a sunny exposure they may build heat up between the door and the storm door. One solution is to install a vent in the storm door. Waring: these instructions are for a single pane storm door and not a storm door with a tempered glass which could shatter if cut.

Step 1 - Remove the Storm Door

Remove any screws holding the door into the doorway. Remove the storm door carefully.

Step 2 - Choose the Right Vent

If you often leave the door open and have just the storm door closed you may want to choose a vent that has a screen. For ease of installation find a vent that has a rubber gasket on each side of the vent.

Step 3 - Cut an Opening

To install a vent in a storm door you will need to cut an opening in the glass. It is best to have this done professionally since replacing the glass may be an expensive mistake. Mark the exact position with a grease pencil.

Step 4 - Install the Vent

Clean the rubber gasket on the vent thoroughly. Apply an adhesive for glass to the inside of the rubber gasket. Fit the vent into the glass opening. Press the rubber seal down to adhere to the glass. Let it set up until the glue is dry. Then re-hang the door.