How to Install a Vertical Sliding Door

Installing a vertical sliding door between the inside of your home and the outside living areas is relatively simple and can be done as a weekend project. Take some time to gather up your tools and supplies and get started on your new slider.

Supplies and Tools

To get started on your sliding door, you will need the vertical sliding door kit, basic carpentry tools, nails, screws, tape measure, level, saw, shims, drill, caulk and caulking gun, and wood.
Mark out the area where you will be installing the door on your home and make sure that you measure the dimensions of the door. Trace the measurements that you will need right on the wall.

Cutting the Wall

Place guiding nails in the corners of the measurements that you have traced onto the wall. You will use these as guides to saw through the wall where the slider will be installed. The nails should go all the way through to the other side of the wall.

Installing the Door

Once you have removed the wall where the vertical sliding door will be located, you have to install the door kit. The door kits generally come with instructions for installing the track and the doors in place.