How to Install a Vinyl Window Pane

What You'll Need
Rubber mallet
Small block of wood
Window sealant
Flat razor blade
Putty knife

Most windows in this day and age contain multiple vinyl window pane sections in them, such as triple or double pane windows. It is not difficult to order the treated glass and replace any broken panes yourself. It will depend on the construction of your windows as to how difficult it will be to open them for repair and replacing the broken glass.

Step 1 - Remove the Window from the Frame

You will want to remove the entire window case before you can repair the vinyl window pane. To do this, simply unclasp the securing pins on the top left and right side of the window top. Pull on the top edge of the window sill, and it will pull out toward you. Be prepared to catch it, or it could fall forward and down toward the wall and possibly break it even more. Once you have the top unhitched, simply unsnap the securing pins at the bottom of the window and remove the entire window casing.

Step 2 - Inspect the Window Casing

A vinyl window pane case is simply a frame that is glued around the glass panes and the window pane separators. These separators keep an airtight seal between each pane of glass, and a spacer for air movement between them. The hardest part about replacing these factory sealed casings is getting them open without causing more damage. You will begin this process by looking for securing screws or bolts built into the window frame. If you do not see anything, then it is likely a glue set system your dealing with.

Step 3 - Get the Window Casing Apart

If you do not find securing screws or bolts, then you will have to simply tap the trim off of the casing. Start in one corner and lightly tap the vinyl window pane trim out of the socket. The glue may resist, so use your flat razor to cut the glue loose, allowing you to pull the trim off.

Step 4 - Separate the Glass Panels

Use a putty knife to peel the vinyl window panes from one another. Take the top piece of glass off by using your flat razor and cut the sealant that is molded between them. You can use your putty knife to twist the edges apart, which is the best spot to start splitting the molds. Once you have the glass sheet separated, you can then remove the spacers to get to the next pane. Do this until you get to the end of the broken panes, cleaning up excess glue with your flat razor.

Step 5 - Remount the Glass Panes and the Trim

Once you have all broken vinyl window pane particles removed from the casing, you can then use the sealant to start returning the layers to normal. Glue in your separators and use a flat edge to keep them even so that they don't dry unevenly. The trim is then glued back into place on the flat surface of the glass and separators. This holds the entire unit in place. Allow the casing to dry before installation to prevent sealant from leaking around your windows.