How to Install a Wall Hung Toilet

What You'll Need
2x6 Studs
Mounting Hardware
Wall Hung Toilet

Some homeowners are electing to use a wall hung toilet as opposed to the traditional floor model. These wall hung toilets are mostly found in newly remodeled homes where a more modern, or contemporary, look is being incorporated. Installing a wall hung toilet is not a difficult project, but will require a little different installation method. DIY homeowners will want to enlist the help of a friend, or two, as these toilets are much heavier and fragile than normal floor toilets. 

Step 1: Make Sure Wall Is Prepared

There are some preparation that must be done to the wall before you can mount the wall hung toilet. There must be the supply line for the water as well as the waste water tube. Recheck the measurements and make sure it is all ready for the installation. The studs must be protruding from the wall at least 2 1/8 inch. If not, use some 2x6 studs to give you the a frame strong enough to hold the toilet.

Step 2: Install Bowl to Supports

Once you have determined that the supports are strong and that the pipes are in the right place, you can lift the toilet bowl and affix to the supports. Attach the bowl with the provided cap nuts and washers through holes that are drilled into the support studs. After you secure the toilet to the wall you can then affix the gasket to the waste tube and make the connection between the bowl and the sewer pipe. 

Step 3: Install Tank onto Toilet

After the wall hung toilet is placed onto position you will need to place the tank onto the bowl. The tank can either be inserted into the wall or be attached to the outside of the wall. This will depend on the type of model that you are working with. However, connecting the tank to the bowl is generally a universal procedure. Make sure that the rubber toilet gasket is in position, as well as the rubber gaskets between the screws and bolts. Place the tank onto the bowl and jiggle a little to make sure of a strong fit. Screw the bowl down to the tank for a secure installation. 

Step 4: Connect Water Supply

With the wall hung toilet into position you can now start to work on the water supply for the toilet. If the preparation work has been competed, the supply lines will be near the toilet. Connect a flexible pipe to the water supply with the compression fittings and then connect to the toilet tank. Tighten the fittings and turn on the water. Check for leaks to make sure that you will not have problems in the future.

Step 5: Test Wall Hung Toilet

After the toilet tank is full you should flush it a few times to make sure that the toilet will remove the waste quickly and fill up the way it should. Sit on the tank to make sure it does not move and is securely fastened to the wall. Seal the back of the wall hung toilet with some caulking for a finished look.