How to Install a Wall Kitchen Exhaust Fan

What You'll Need
Ice pick
Coarse saw
Voltage tester
Wall exhaust fan

Generally when you hear about a wall kitchen exhaust fan, you generally think of larger establishments, like a restaurant kitchen, laundry service, professional garages, etc. They do wonders with air that is smoke-filled, odor-filled or heat-filled. If you want to install one in your own personal kitchen, below you will find all the materials and instructions on just how to do this. 

Step 1 - Trace the Fan's Placement Area

Take the fan’s housing and either trace around it on the wall with a marker or use a piece of cardboard to trace the housing onto. Then use the cardboard as a template that you will trace onto the wall.

Step 2  - Cut out the Wall

Once you have traced the housing, you need to take your drill and drill starter holes at each corner. Take your coarse saw and begin to saw from each corner hole to another until that piece of the wall comes out.  

Step 3 - Plan for the Remaining Parts

Take the housing and now mark around the housing where it will fit with the ductwork on the outside of the wall. After you have done this you will need to take the exhaust fan and measure where the screws will have to be placed. The way to mark this is by taking the ice pick and put it into one of the fans screw holes. After you have done this you will need to twist the pick from right to left until it leaves a slight mark on the interior of the wall. Do this for all four of the holes in the exhaust fan. 

Step 4 - Plan for Exterior Wall Cutout

Drill holes and install the toggle bolts that comes with the exhaust fan kit. Screw them into the screw holes you just made. You will also need to drill 4 holes inside the line you marked; this will help you locate where you will need to line up the template for the exterior wall. With a piece of cardboard, you will need to create this template by using the damper door housing measurements. Make sure to align the holes and then with your marker trace the housing for the template. 

Step 5 - Cut the Exterior Wall

Take the drill and create a starter hole in each corner of the template of the exterior wall. To make the opening spot for the damper door housing, you will need to use your saw again and cut from hole to hole. Now you will need to place the exhaust fan into the hole and then fasten the damper housing and to the fan.  

Step 6 - Connect the Fan

Turn off the main power to the kitchen and then use your voltage tester to check the black wire for power. You want to make sure that the power is completely off at this step. Now it is safe to actually connect the fan. Take the white fan wire and connect it to the white wire in the wall. Now take the black wire and connect it to the black wire. Make sure to use wire bolts to connect these wires. Now you can plug the fan in and turn on the power. If the fan blades are moving freely, your job is complete.