How to Install a Wall Mount Tub Spout

What You'll Need
Philips head screwdriver
New faucet
Duct rape
Pipe wrench
Heatproof grease
Water pump pliers
Joint compound
Silicone caulk

There are two basic kinds of wall mounted bathtub spouts. Set mounted spouts have a hole in the bottom of the faucet. They are mounted with a set screw. In a set-mount, the fitting is moved over the pipe unit and then tightened. Screw on faucets have no set screws. In this kind of faucet is merely screwed into place, but they can in fact be more difficult to square.

Reasons to Install a Faucet

You may need to install a wall mounted tub faucet in a new bathroom. Otherwise, you may need to replace a faucet that leaks from the spout or handle when the water is turned off. In this case, the washer is probably the problem, leaving deposits of sediment behind. This can inhibit or block the flow of water through the faucet over a length of time. Fortunately for you, you can purchase replacement faucets easily, and they are not too difficult to install.

Step 1 - If You Are Replacing an Old Faucet, Remove It

To remove a faucet, loosen the screw on the bottom of the spout. If it is set mounted, just slide it of the pie. If it is a screw one, unscrew the  spout using a pipe wrench. If you do not want to damage the spout in the process, wrap duct tape where the wrench will be applied.

Step 2 - Set Up the Proper Plumbing

it is not that hard to install a couple of water supply lines for a faucet. They should be diverted fro elsewhere in your bathroom using the properly sized pipes.

Step 3 - Lubricate Rubber Stem Washer

You can lubricate the rubber stem washer at the bottom of the faucet using heatproof grease.

Step 4 - Insert the Faucet

Insert the faucet valve into the faucet body. After you do this, slide the bonnet nut or retaining nut over each faucet. Tighten each nut with channel-type pliers.

Step 5 - Install the Handle

Locate the faucet’s threaded spindle,  and position the handle over it. Now insert the handle’s retaining screw.  Do this through the center of the handle. Now tighten the screw with a screwdriver, usually with a Phillips head.

Step 6 - Add the Handle’s Index Cap

Locate the handle’s retaining screw and and position the handle’s index cap over it. Now press the cap into place.

Step 7 - Test The Water Supply

Open the handle and see if it works.

Step 8 - Caulk the Area Around The Spout

Use silicone caulk compound and a caulking gun and apply around the edge where the spout butts up against a wall.