How to Install a Wall Mounted Coat Rack

What You'll Need
Drill and drill bits
Wall anchors
Safety goggles

Although wall mounted coat racks are simple to build, installing them can prove to be a tricky task. Some of the issues that may arise are that the coat rack can slip from the wall surface if it is loosely attached and it is sometimes difficult to hang the rack at an even level. If you follow this step by step process for mounting the coat rack, the aforementioned problems can be avoided.

Step 1 – Mark Holes in Coat Rack and Wall

Presuming that your coat rack doesn’t have any holes for the screws, the first step is to mark holes at the back of the rack and the wall. The number of hole markings shall depend upon the length of the rack and the amount of support that is required. For instance, for a rack which is 16 inches in length, two holes should be sufficient. Using the tape measure, mark the holes at an equal distance from each other which in the above case would be 8 inches apart. Using the ruler, make sure the marks on the rack are perfectly in level with each other as this will determine whether the rack will hang in a straight line. Next, measure the length of the rack onto the wall and repeat process as stated above to make the markings. To ensure that the markings on the wall and coat rack are in line with each other, place the coat rack on the wall and compare the two sets of markings.

Step 2 – Drill Holes in Wall and Coat Rack

Put on the pair of safety goggles to make sure no wood splinters go in your eyes. Use the drill to carefully drill holes in the coat rack and the wall where the markings occur.

Step 3 – Insert Anchors into Wall

Next, insert the wall anchors into the holes drilled in the wall. To make sure they go in properly, hammer them into place.

Step 4 – Insert Screws in Wall Anchor

At this stage, you will require the help of another person. Ask the other person to hold the rack from one side while you insert the screws through the holes in the rack into the wall anchors. Do this for both holes drilled into the rack until the rack is firmly mounted. Use your drill to ensure that the screws are tightly fixed in the wall anchor. Your coat rack should now be hanging in an upright and straight position ready for use.