How to Install a Wall Hung Vanity

vanity in a bathroom
  • 2-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 100-150
What You'll Need
Stud finder
3 screws
2x4-inch lumber

A wall hung vanity is a great way to add some space to your bathroom. You will find that a properly installed wall hung vanity will provide your bathroom with more floor space. The room will appear to be brighter and more open and is also much easier to clean. Installing a wall hung vanity yourself is something that just about anybody can do with the right tools and a few hints.

Step 1 - Wall Studs

The first thing that you are going to need to do is locate the wall studs. This is necessary so that you will be able to properly hang up the vanity. You will be able to find the studs easily by listening to the wall as you knock on it. Whenever there is a solid sound, that’s where the stud is. You can also use a stud finder if you do not think that your ears are good enough for the task.

Step 2 - If Studs Don’t Line Up

If the studs in your bathroom do not align with the mounting spots for your vanity, blocking will work the same way as a stud. Installation is a little tricky but doable. Begin by removing the wall covering. Newer wall coverings can typically be peeled from the wall starting at the bottom. Once the area behind the wall is exposed, you can put up the blocking in between the studs to create more security. This can be done with a good grade of plywood or standard 2x4-inch boards.

Step 3 - Cut Into Wall

Once the wall covering has been removed, you are ready to cut into the wall. Cut in the area where the blocking needs to be. Once you have that part of the wall cut open, use 3-inch screws to install the blockings. Once you have finished, replace the sheetrock. From there, you can move on to replacing the wall covering and move back to installing your vanity. Be sure to drill pilot holes where the new blocking is.

Step 4 - Drill Holes

Once you have the blocking into place, you are ready to begin to drill the holes that are needed so that you can properly mount the vanity. In order to do this, you will need to hold the vanity up to the wall where it is straight and at the correct height. Mark the areas where the mounting should be and put the vanity back down.

Step 5 - Plumbing

In order to determine which parts of the plumbing will need to be reworked, you will begin by disconnecting your plumbing and turning the water off. Get rid of the current sink and vanity to get a good look at the wall penetrations. From there, reinstall any valves that need to be fixed. In the center of the waste line, a line will need to be drawn to meet with the height of the sink rim. Then you will be able to determine the placement of the pipes.