How to Install a Washing Machine Drain Pipe Part 1

What You'll Need
Reciprocating saw
Y-fitting PVC waste pipe
90 degree PVC elbow
PVC glue
Long PVC drain pipe with trap assembly
Pipe straps with screws
Cleaning rag
Safety glasses
Utility knife

During the spin and rinse cycles, water is drained from the washer basket and flows out through the drain hose and down the washing machine drain pipe. Basically this is what’s going on while you are washing your clothes using a washing machine. However, since they are subject to water, drain pipes sometimes can become damaged and therefore need to be replaced. Here are some easy steps that you can follow to get the job done yourself.

Step 1 – Mark the Drain Line

Measure the size of your y-fitting using a measuring tape and then mark its length on the existing drain line. Be as accurate as possible in your measuring since you don’t want to cut a large section from the drain line which will be more bigger from your y-fitting.

Step 2 – Cut the Drain Line

Wear your safety glasses and start cutting the marked section of the drain line using a reciprocating saw. Be prepared for water to spill out while you’re cutting. However, try to cut the drain line as perpendicular as possible in order to get a proper fit with the y-fitting. Now you can remove the drain line section and using your utility knife remove any sharp edges left on the 2 cutting edges.

Step 3 – Clean the Cut

After cutting the drain line clean the edges where the y-fitting is going to be installed using a cleaning rag. Make sure that the edges are not wet and that there’s no water running through the pipe. Otherwise, if the edges are still wet, the y-fitting is not going to stick properly with the drain line and water will start to leak.

Step 4 – Installing the Y-Fitting

Now that the edges are dry, coat  them with the PVC glue and apply also the glue on the inside edge of the y-fitting. Then attach the y-fitting into the cutting edge and hold it firmly for a couple of minutes. Make sure that the third opening of the y-fitting is alongside the drain line, facing at the same level.

Step 5 – Check Your Work

After installing the y-fitting check your work and make sure that everything is fixed properly. At this point you should have the existing drain line with a new y-fitting waste pipe installed at the same level. Check also that there are no air gaps between the pipes by running some water. If you find a small fault it will be much easier to repair it at this point rather then after completely installing the drain pipe.

This is the first part of how to install a washing machine drain pipe. The second and final part of the installation can be completed in a few more steps where you will attach the standpipe and washing machine drain hose to your already fixed y-fitting.