How to Install a Water Mixing Valve

What You'll Need
Tape measure
10-ft stick of 1/2 inch copper wire
Propane torch
Two 90 degrees street elbows. 1/2 inch fitting end
Copper pipe cutter
Lead-free solder
Channel lock pliers

Taking a shower or a bath is most relaxing when the water used is maintained at a comfortable temperature and this is what a water mixing valve does when installed. A water mixing valve is a regulator installed in the shower or tub that mixes cold water and hot water from the water heater. It is recommended that when a new mixing valve is set up to also install an anti-scalding mixer valve. This device would maintain the water temperature between 80 to 120 degrees. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on to install a water mixing valve.  

Step 1-Mounting of the Mixing Valve

Locate the block in between the dual studs that are at the back of the new shower stall by the wall and put up the new mixing valve into it. The dimension of the block is two-by-four. When the block needs to be installed, first measure from the end of the new stall to the height of the valve handle holes of the new stall. Align the point measured to the holes of the wall framing.

Step 2-Connecting the Valves to the Water Line

Apply a screw on the 1/2-inch straight fitting to end of the ½-inch ball shut-off valve. Using channel locks, secure the screws to snugly fit in. Soldering then is to be carried out on the hot water line to the shut-off valve to be attached to the mixer valve.

Step 3-Coiling the Coupling with the Shut-off Ball Valve

Coil in a 1/2-inch straight coupling to a ½-inch cold water shut-off ball valve. Ensure with channel locks the coiled coupling with the valve to stay on tightly.

Step 4-Creating a Line for the Hot and Cold Water Shut-Off Ball Valve

Create a line from the hot water shut-off ball valve to the mixing valve by determining its distance with the use of a tape measure. Once the distance is determined, make two lines with a ½-inch copper line cut by a copper pipe cutter for the hot water shut-off ball valve and cold water shut-off ball valve.

Step 5-Soldering the Hot and Cold Water Lines

Using a propane torch, solder the 1/2 –inch copper line to the straight fitting on the hot water side.  The same procedure should be done on the cold water line after doing the soldering on the hot water line.

Step 6-Attaching the Mixer of the Hot and Cold Water Lines

Attach to the mixer valve of the hot water part a copper ½-inch fitting end with a 90-degree street elbow. Constrict the attachment using channel lock pliers.  This procedure should be done on the cold water line.

Step 7-Soldering the Hot and Cold Water Lines

To tighten the hold of the copper line to the 90-degree street elbow for both the hot and cold water lines, soldering should be done on each of the lines.