How to Install a Water Pressure Reducing Valve

What You'll Need
Safety goggles and gloves
water pressure reducing valve
Pressure gauge
tape measure
Pipe cutter
Locking pliers
Soldering iron
Copper pipe

If you wish to reduce the water pressure in your home, one way to do this is to install a water pressure reducing valve. The pressure of your water can damage pipes and cause leaks. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to regulate your water pressure and reduce the amount of force with which water is being driven along your pipes. Adding a water pressure reducing valve can save you money and help you to keep your pipes functioning for a long time. Fitting one of these valves is not a difficult task as long as you have the right tools and follow some basic tips to getting the job done.

Step 1 - Prepare the Area

Before you can begin to install the water pressure reducing valve, you should take care to turn off the water at the main supply line. Prior to turning off the water, you should check the pressure using a pressure gauge. This may show up as a bit higher, but you need to have a suitable reading so that you know what it was prior to installing the water pressure reducing valve. Turn off the water at the supply pipe, which will be located outdoors or in the basement. You can turn off the water heater as well if you wish to ensure that the plumbing is completely secure. Run the taps for a short period to ensure that the water is drained out.

Step 2 - Installing the Valve

Once all the the water has been evacuated from the pipe, remove it using the wrench. In order to protect yourself, you may wish to lay our a few towels below the pipe, which should catch any drips of water. Take the pipe and clean it thoroughly using some sand paper or plumber's sanding cloths. You should also remove any burrs which are visible on either side of the pipes. Take the water pressure reducing valve and attach it to the fittings. Apply the coupling and put in the adapter. Warm up all of these fittings with the soldering torch, and then apply some suitable caulking paste to the edges of the fittings. Mount the fitting upon the water pressure reducing valve and then fit this into position.

Step 3 - Mounting the Valve

Once you are ready to start, you can try mounting the valve. Push the extension piece which comes with your valve onto the pipe and then solder the pipe to fit. Push the valve and pipe back onto the rest of the water supply line, and then apply more solder to ensure that the pipe is completely sealed. Once the valve is in place, allow all of your heated parts to properly cool and then turn the water back on. Run the water through the pipe, checking carefully for leaks. You should notice a reduction in your water pressure as soon as you begin running water through the valve.