How To Install A Whole House Fan

What You'll Need
Whole house fan
Power drill
Spraying foam
Measuring tape

You can install a whole house fan yourself with a little effort and assistance. Whole house fans suck in the hot air inside a house and push it to the attic, while bringing in cool air from the outside. The hot air in the attic is let out through the vents in the attic.

Whole house fans are a low-budget, eco-friendly alternative to air-conditioning, and can be installed on your wall or ceiling. These fans provide the best results when the temperature in your house is higher than the outside temperature.

Step 1 – Select a Whole House Fan

Depending on the square footage of your house, there are different types of whole house fans you can choose from. Select the whole house fan that has the capacity to operate over the area of your attic. Also, you must consider the spacing between your attic joists. Most home have attic joists that have a center-to-center spacing of 16 or 24 inches. Some whole house fans can be accommodated between attic joists of either spacing, whereas other fans may be specific to one type of attic joist spacing. Consider these requirements carefully before investing in a whole house fan. Before installing the fan, read the instruction manual thoroughly.

Step 2 – Choose the Location for Installation

Whole house fans work best when installed close to the center of the building. An unobstructed hallway is the best place to install a whole house fan. To decide your location, go to the attic and select the attic joists close to the center. Make sure that the fan shutters will have enough space to open and close, and that the space does not have too many wires or pipes.

Step 3 – Construct a supporting frame

You must construct a wooden box or frame to support the fan, and to raise it over the ceiling joists. The installation manual will have the measurements for the frame, according to the fan dimensions. Use caulk to seal all the openings in the frame. Move the frame to the attic and place it in the decided location. Push a nail through the drywall, from the four inner corners of the frame. From the ceiling below, use a saw to cut the drywall from nail to nail.

Step 4 – Install the Fan

Most fans are provided with gaskets that must be placed on top of the frame. After installing the gaskets, move the fan to the attic and secure it to the frame with the help of the mounting brackets provided. You must seal all the openings and seams with caulk or spray foam to ensure that the fan only sucks in air from the rooms in the house. An air-tight seal is very important, or the circulation may not function properly.

Step 4 – Connect the Wiring

After turning off the relevant circuit breakers, remove the covering on the control box of the fan. Connect the colored wires to the correct location inside the control box, as per the instructions in your user manual. Connect the wiring to the switch box. Cover the control box. Turn on the circuit breakers, turn on the switch and check if the fan is working. Install the grill to cover the opening in the ceiling. Drill the screws from the ceiling, all the way to the wooden fan frame. Now you can sit back and enjoy your new whole house fan!