How to Install a Window Curtain Rod Part 2 How to Install a Window Curtain Rod Part 2

What You'll Need
Curtain rod
Clip rings

Once you have installed your window curtain rod, it is time to finish dressing your window. There are many options for curtain rod clip rings, finials and even curtains themselves, so you should spend a fair amount of time choosing what is right for you, your personal style, and the style of your room. Before you purchase curtains, you should first decide what you would like their primary purpose to be.

Step 1 – Choose Your Clip Rings

When you purchase clip rings to hang your curtains from, make sure they will fit the curtain rod you have installed. On the clip ring packaging, it will mention what the size of the rod best suited for the clip rings is. You should also choose the finish of your clip rings to coordinate with your curtain rod, curtains and other room décor.

Step 3 – Attach Clip Rings to Your Curtains

Lay your curtains out so that the tops of the curtains are on a flat surface. Attach the clip rings by clipping the ring clasp to the top of the curtain in even increments across the top of the curtains. The instructions provided by the clip rings manufacturer should advise how far apart to spread the clip rings.

Step 4 – Hang Your Curtains

Once you have clipped on the clip rings onto your curtains, it is time to hang your curtains on the curtain rod. It is best to have someone help you lift the curtains onto the rod because it may be heavy. Use a ladder if the curtain rod is too tall for you to reach standing. Slide the clip rings over the curtain rod until all clip rings are in place. Make sure one clip ring is positioned outside the support bracket.

Step 5 – Screw in Your Curtain Rod

The curtain rod should be centered between the two brackets. Tighten the screws that rest against the curtain rod on the brackets to secure the side with one curtain ring on the outside. Move over to the other support bracket where the rod is already screwed into place. Loosen the screws and lift up the curtain rod, sliding one of the clip rings to the outside of the bracket. Tighten the screws again. Your curtain rod is now installed and in place.

Step 6 – Installing Your Finials

If you decide to use finials as a decorative cap for your curtain rod, be sure to coordinate with other elements and décor. Also make sure that your finial will fit in your curtain rod. You can check this on the finial packaging. Some curtain rods also come with their own finials. Screw one finial into the end of your curtain rod until you feel slight resistance. Do not over tighten. Repeat on the opposite side of your curtain rod with the other finial. You have now finished installing your window curtain rod. Arrange your curtains to your liking, step back, and admire your good work.

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