How to Install a Window Pane Mirror

  • 3-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-500
What You'll Need
Mirror Pane
Putty (Caulking Gun)
Putty Knife
Metal Glazier Points
Small Paint Brush
Measuring Tape
Glass Cutter
Glass Marker
Straight Edge
Soft Cloth
Protective Gear

A windowpane mirror looks like a conventional window sash but the glass is replaced with a mirror. The mirrors can be etched for decoration depending upon your need and aesthetics. The styling will affect the overall cost of the window pane mirror. They increase the visual depth of your space giving it an overall spacious look. Follow the steps described below in order to install the window pane mirror.

Step 1 – Precautions

Whenever working with mirrors or glass, it is advisable to wear protective gloves and glasses.

Step 2 – Take Measurements and Cut Mirror to Length

Use a measuring tape to measure your windowpane. 1/6 to 1/8 of an inch is subtracted from the actual measurements to facilitate the expansion and contraction of glass. You can order the mirror to be cut to your measurements by your home depot or cut it yourself. If doing it yourself, first clean the mirror, use a marker to transfer the measurements onto the mirror, use a glass cutter to score the mirror, and then snap immediately to get a perfectly straight edge.

Step 3 – Dislodging the Sash and Removing Glass (if Previously Installed)

If you are replacing the glass in your window with a mirror, dislodge the sash before you begin. If it is a larger door panel, remove from hinges and lay the door flat on the floor. Remove older putty using a sharp edged knife, or you can use your putty knife if you sharpen the edges. Pry it under the putty and carefully remove it. Don’t use too much force or you will end up breaking the glass.

Step 4 – Treating the Exposed Wood

Once the glass is removed, treat the wood by painting it. This will weatherproof it and, if it is an older pane, will preserve the moisture of the wood and increase its longevity.

Step 5 – Placing the Mirror into the Frame

Prior to placing the mirror into the frame it is advisable to add some glazing putty on the frame to act as a cushion for the mirror. If it is a larger pane of mirror get help in placing it into the frame.

Step 6 – Glazing Putty the Pane

Glazing putty is of two types: the traditional putty and the semi-fluid kind which comes in a caulking gun. The later is easier to use, especially for beginners. Once you have set the mirror into the frame, use your caulking gun to putty glaze the edges. As it is of slightly fluid consistency, wait for it to settle a bit before wiping away the excess putty.

Step 7 – Inserting Glazier Points

Glazier points are small metallic clamps used in window frames to hold the glass/mirror in place while the putty is drying. Place them on top of the putty and use your putty knife to push them in place.

Step 8 – Removing Excess Glazing Putty and Finishing Up

Add some more glazing putty and clear away the excess. You have now successfully installed a mirror in your windowpane. You can finish up by gently sanding the edges and painting the frame.