How to Install a Window Sash Replacement Kit Part 1 How to Install a Window Sash Replacement Kit Part 1

What You'll Need
Window sash replacement kit
crow bar
Metal snips
Utility Knife

Sometimes, you will find that you need to fit a window sash replacement kit. This is not about refurbishing the entire window or removing it and adding another, but using a window sash replacement kit can greatly improve the quality of the surrounding window. With this kind of kit, you don't need to repair or replace the surrounding jambs or the window frame, but can instead just change the window so that it fits the sash. In this guide, you will learn to remove the stops from the jambs, how to cut the sash cords and remove the bottom sash, and then how to remove the top sash.

Step 1 - Remove the Stops

Once you have your new window sash replacement kit, you should be ready to begin removing the old sash. Start with the window stops, which help to keep the window sash in place. These can first be cut with a utility knife, scoring the stops from the top to the bottom. You can then use the crow bar to pry off the edges of the stop. You can replace these with new ones or simply place the old ones back. You should then take off the sash parting stop. As this bit will usually be covered by a replacement from the window sash replacement kit, you can simply break off pieces until you can remove the whole stop.

Step 2 - Cut the Sash Cords

Take the sash cords which are attached to the side of the lower sash. These cords can be simply untied and removed in some sash windows, but for others you will need to cut down the cord completely. Taking some metal snips, move these down the cord until you are virtually at the bottom, and then snip the cord loose. Repeat for the other side of the sash.

Step 3 - Removing the Bottom Sash

Slide the window up and remove the fasteners which are holding the sash in place, either by removing them with the pliers or using the screwdriver to release them. You should then be able to push the sash out of one side. Once the sash is free, you can then pull it towards you. This should release the sash from the window.

Step 4 - Cut the Upper Cords

You will have to take more care when cutting out the upper sash. Firstly, cutting the cord when it is above your head can be a bad idea, so use a step ladder which allows you to see the cord. Make sure that you cut it as close to the edge of the window as you can.

Step 5 -Remove the Upper Sash

Slide the window so that you can reach the upper sash, and then remove the fasteners. Hold the sash in place while you are doing this, and then pry the sash out using the head of the hammer. The window should tall towards you once this part of the window has been released.

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