How to Install a Window Sash Replacement Kit Part 3 How to Install a Window Sash Replacement Kit Part 3

What You'll Need
Window sash replacement kit
Finishing nails
Sander or sandpaper

In Parts 1 and 2 of this guide to installing a window sash replacement kit, you took out the old parts of the sash and removed the pulleys before fitting in new jamb brackets and adding different parts to the  window. In Part 3, you will add the sash control device, insert the top and bottom sashes, and check if it is working properly before painting and varnishing your new window sash replacement. To get this task done quickly and simply, you will have to add the new parts of the sash to the jamb brackets, so it may be a good idea to have a friend assist you.

Step 1 - Add the Sash Control Mechanism

The sash control mechanism will help you to move the sash in and out when it has been fitted. Screw your mechanism into the edge of the window along the top. Drape the string through the mechanism, and then pull until it is tight. Trim the bottom of the string if you need to, or simply add a handle so that you can pull it easily. You should then be able to attach the string around the top sash. Once this is in place, you are ready to install both sashes.

Step 2 - Install the Top Sash

Use your screwdriver to pull the metal parts of the jamb liners downwards into lock position. Put the top sash into the furthest track away from you. Squeeze the sash slightly as you edge it into place, and then lower it onto the metal part. Push the sash upwards until you hear the click that indicates that the sash is locked in place. You can then push it right up to the top, until it can not be moved any further.

Step 3 - Install the Bottom Sash

Once you know how to install the top sash, you can fit the bottom sash into the window in exactly the same way. Squeeze the track in until you feel it lock into place, and then push it down until it touches the bottom. Swing it open and closed a few times to check the action, and then place the locking mechanism into position.

Step 4 - Finishing Up

Once you have completed this installation, you can reposition any stops that were not previously inserted, hammering them into place with finishing nails. Place a few of the nails around the edge of the window to keep it in place, and then hammer them until they are below the wood of the window. You can then prepare the sash window kit for varnish or paint with a quick rub of sandpaper and then a layer of primer to prepare the wood.

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