How to Install a Window Shade How to Install a Window Shade

What You'll Need
Roller or continuous loop blind
Screwdriver or electric screwdriver
Screws: these usually come with the blind
Spirit level

A window shade is most important in summer because it keeps your home cool. The roller blind is one type of window that is commonly used; it is installed over the window and has a spring that rolls up the blind. The blind can be rolled up or down, depending on the amount of sunlight. Installing is easy with only a few basic tools. There are two types of roller shades: A “spring roller” and a “continuous loop.” 

Step 1 – Measure the Shade 

Determine whether you want to install the blind within the window frame, or on the outside of the frame. Measure the width and length of the roller shade you will need to buy. For a jam-to-jam blind, measure the length of the window and its width within its frame. For an outside blind, you can choose how far outside the window frame you want to cover. Installing on the inside of the frame allows for curtains to be installed over the blind. 

Step 2 – Installing the Brackets 

Using the level, mark where the screws will be inserted for the brackets. If you have a brick or concrete wall, you will need to drill holes in the masonry to take screw anchors but most of the time these brackets will be fixed onto the window frame. Mount the shade by screwing on the window brackets that usually come with the roller shade.

The mounting will determine where you place the brackets. For an inside mount, the roller shade should sit on its brackets and not make contact with the window frame, at the top or anywhere else. For an outside mount, the mounted shade should sit on its brackets, also not making contact with any part of the frame. 

Step 3 – Mounting the Shade 

If you are mounting a spring roller, place the shade into the brackets then insert the round end-pin into the circle hole. Insert the other pin into the slot on the other bracket.

For a continuous loop shade, press the plastic inserts into the brackets after mounting the brackets. Place the round pin of the roller into the plastic bracket/insert. 

Step 4 – Testing the Shade 

Test that the shade is aligned and working properly. You will need to lower the shade or a spring roller, 16 inches from the top to tighten the spring. Lift the shade off the bracket and roll it back up. After placing it back in the brackets, check whether the spring is tight enough. The spring can be damaged by too much tension. Remove the clutch cover to adjust the position of the chain stop of a continuous loop shade. 

A valance is supplied with some blind kits. The valance will hide the mounting hardware and stick to the blind head railing. Peel the paper from one side of the two-sided adhesive tape and stick the tape to the head rail. Peel off the paper on the other side and stick the valance to the head rail itself.

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