How To Install A Window Stop

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A window stop is an easy way to upgrade the security of your home. Window stops will allow the window to open only so far. This is an easy-to-do security measure for your home that will prevent intruders from entering through a window.

Measure and Cut

Take your tape measure and find the measurement of the top of the window sash and the area where you want the window stop to be placed. You can use small strips of wood, or metal to match the siding of the window.

Install The Stops

Take the wood, or metal strips, and place them against the windows siding or side of the frame. Drill directly into it. You should leave at least 6 inches for good airflow. Check the building codes to find out if there is any town ordinance about how long the stops can be.

Escape Route

Once you have the stops on the window, you can no longer use that window as egress for escape. Sit down with your family and plan out a new exit route for emergencies. If there are no other means of escape, you might also want to keep a screwdriver near the window to dismantle the window stop to make an emergency exit.