How to Install a Window with a Nailing Flange Part 2

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In the first part of this guide to install a window, you learned how to mark out the area of the window, get a rough opening, and add the shims into the window. You will now need to know how to apply a layer of caulk around the edge of that window, how to place the window into position and level out the shims, how to nail the window into the opening and make sure that it is level before checking that it works. The next part of the guide will show you how to complete your window installation with nail flanges.

Add a Layer of Caulking

You should now be ready to add a layer of caulk to the edge of the window. This caulk is vital, as it will keep out the cold and also prevent damage to the surrounding building, such as mold and rot, which would otherwise find a weak location in the seal. If you are looking for a suitable caulk, try and find one which can be painted over, or which is suitable for use outside. Take the tube of caulk, and spread a few beads between the nailing flange and the sheath.

Install a Window

Once you have fitted the caulk, take your window, and place it into the opening. You will need to make sure that it is pressed down evenly, and you may need some assistance in checking that the window is correctly placed. Use a spirit level to ensure that the window is level, and then place shims around the edge of the house. You will then be ready to begin nailing down the window into place. You can then use your plumb line to ensure that the window is perfectly centered.

Nail Down the Window

Take the nails which are part of your window set, and make sure that the window is placed completely square. You may want to move the shims about in order to get the perfect fit. Once the window is in a good place, you should then nail the window firmly into place on one side, beginning at the corner, and adding a nail about every 10 inches or so. If you have a small window, you may want to nail it more frequently than this. You can also begin to nail at the header, which will support the rest of the window, but you may need to drive nails in more frequently than suggested in order to take the window's weight.

Checking the Window

When you have nailed the window into position, you should check that it is functioning correctly by opening and closing it several times. This will help to ensure that there are no problems with the nailing process. If you find that the window cannot open properly, you may need to go inside the house and check that none of the flanges are interrupting the movement of the pane.