How to Install a Window with a Nailing Flange Part 3 How to Install a Window with a Nailing Flange Part 3

In Parts 1 and 2 of this series on how to install a window with a nailing flange, you made the opening, caulked the area and made sure that the window was level before nailing. In Part 3, with the window fully installed, you will fit builders paper to your windows, add the drip edge to prevent water entering the home, and then add a molding or trim to your window before adding caulk over the inside. These details are all essential to ensure that your window stands up to the test of drafts and rain.

Step 1 - Adding the Builders Paper

You will need to install builders paper between the inside of the window and the surrounding brickwork. Builders paper or builders card comes in roll form, so you will need to work out how much you want to place around your window frame before you begin. Often colored brown, this paper helps to keep drafts out of the home, so you should place a good quantity upon the frame of the window. You will also need to use the specific type of staple with a wide crown.

The paper should be overlapped as much as possible, using at least 4 inches of paper for each overlap. Begin at the bottom, and when you get to the top of the window, ensure that the flashing is laid down first, and then a layer of builders paper over this. Fasten the paper to the edge of the frame with the staples.

Step 2 - Adding a Drip Edge

You may now add the drip edge to the top of the window. The drip edge is an L-shaped material made of either metal or  wood. Cut the drip edge to the size you require, just shorter than the length of your window, and then install the drip edge into the space between your builders paper and the flashing. You may nail the drip edge in place using finishing nails or you can attach it with glue.

Step 3 - Install Molding

The next step is to add any brick molding or trim to the edge of the window. Lay some of your caulk over the surface of the window, and then press the mold into place. If you have a nailing fin, you should add the caulk to the inside of the fin, and then press it into place. Drill holes into the molding, and add finishing nails—or if you have a trim, add the pre-made molding.

Step 4 - Caulking and Insulation

On the outside of the window, add a layer of caulking around the outside of the frame, and ensure that all parts of your window are sealed. Inside, tuck some loose fiberglass into the window jambs (wear protective gear). You may also use insulating foam for this purpose.

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