How to Install a Window with Brick Molding Part 2 How to Install a Window with Brick Molding Part 2

What You'll Need
Drip Edge
Window with Brick Molding
Spirit Level

In Part 1 of this guide to installing a window with brick molding, you learned how to test fit the window, place in shims and remove the siding so that the window fits correctly. In Part 2, you will learn how to add a drip edge, fit the window into place and make sure that it is level, nail into the brick molding and adjust the shims to make sure that the window is level. In the last part of the guide, you will learn how to finish up the installation of the window.

Step 1 - Add a Drip Edge

The drip edge will keep the water guided away from the window and siding and prevent it from landing on the outside of the window. This is a very important step, and you should take care that you purchase the right kind of drip edge for your needs. Cut the edge to fit around the edges of your window. Slide it under the siding and over the top of the building paper. You then need to glue it in place using a water-resistant glue.

Step 2 - Fit the Window

Have a friend help you place the window back up into the opening. You should now be able to push the brick molding closely against the window, and add a layer of caulking around the edge. Hold the brick mold tightly against the siding so that it fits completely, and then make sure that the bottom edge of your window is completely level by checking it against the spirit level. If you need to add more shims, do so now.

Once you are satisfied, tack the nail into place and add shims around the tacks so that they are filling the gap between the jambs and the frame.

Step 3 - Nail the Molding

With the window in place, you can begin to nail the molding. Do this by drilling a few holes into the edge of the brick molding, and then drive nails through it into the frame. You may find that the brick molding extends far beyond the frame; in this case, you should nail it into the edge of the siding. You should then ensure that all nails are driven into the depths of the wood using the siding.

Step 4  - Adjust the Shims

Once the nails are in place, you should try and adjust the shims so that they lie flat against the frame of the wood. You can do this by scoring them across the width using a knife and then snapping off or sawing off the excess amount. Check that the window can open and close before you finish.

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