How to Install a Window with Brick Molding Part 3 How to Install a Window with Brick Molding Part 3

What You'll Need
Window with brick molding
Nail set
Fiberglass insulation
Safety gloves and glasses
Dust mask

In this part of the guide to installing a window with brick molding, you will learn how to nail the window to the edge of the brickwork, insulate the edges, cut the shims down so that they are flush with the frame and caulk around the edges of the window. To complete this project, you should have already installed the window into the rough opening and made sure that it was level by using shims. Only once the window with brick molding is ready for the finishing touches should you try and complete this part of the guide.

Step 1 - Pre-Drill the Brick Molding

To secure your window to the edge of the building, you will have to pre-drill the brick molding to create suitable holes for the nails. using a drill, start at one corner of your window, and drill a hole which is just large enough for your nail. Make sure that it is not so large that the molding will simply slide over the head of the nail. Insert the first nail into the hole, pushing it through the brick molding and out into the framing. Push the nails deeply into the wood by using a nail set, in order to prevent the nail heads from sticking out.

Step 2 - Add Insulation

Go back inside and fill up the gaps in the edges of the windows using fiberglass insulation. You will need to use your dust mask for this, and you should also be wearing safety gloves and goggles. Fiberglass can be easily forced into the skin when packing, so ensure that you are wearing the right type of material.

Cut the fiberglass into suitable pieces, and then push it between the frames. You should pack it tightly enough so that it is firmly lodged between the jambs and the frame.

Step 3 - Trim the Shims

Now you have finished using the shims, you need to keep them out of sight. If the shims are inside, you will need to trim them flush against the side of the window frame. This is easy to do as shims are quite thin. Use a saw or a small craft knife to score the shims where you wish to cut them down. Then you can reach up and simply break off the shim.

Step 4 - Add Caulk

You will then be able to complete the caulking of the window. Run a layer of caulk (which can be painted) around the edges of the window. Each of the holes which you made when installing the nails can also be caulked. Leave to dry overnight, and then you can paint the caulk to match the rest of your house.

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