How to Install a Windshield Washer Pump

If the water is murky with fresh water inside your windshield washer pump, you can easily install a new one. The windshield washer pump allows you to clean the windshield of the car. Follow the simple steps below to do the job yourself.

Tools and Materials

  • New windshield washer pump
  • Pick
  • Socket wrench set
  • Spray lubricant

Step 1: Finding the Bolts on the Front Fender

To begin, kneel on the ground next to the driver's side door. You should be able to see the bolts that are holding the fender to the inner bumper. The amount of bolts will be different in all types of vehicles.

Step 2: Removing the Bolts

The bolts that are holding the fender to the inner bumper are removed by using the socket wrench set. When you are taking off the bolts, be careful you don't break them as many are likely to be corroded.

Step 3: Pull the Fender Away

Pull the fender away from the inner bumper. The fender is tucked behind the front tire. This will reveal the cavity in which the windshield washer pump and tank reside.

Step 4: Unplug the Power Cable

The power cable that feeds the windshield washer pump must be unplugged. The washer pump is the black cylinder that is tucked into tabs on the large white tank.

Step 5: Pulling off the Delivery Hose

Disconnect the delivery hose. The delivery hose is connected to the nipple of the washer pump.

Step 6: Pulling Off the Pump to the Water Tank

Now you must pull the pump off from the water tank. You will need to use a bit of force to pull the pump past the two tabs that hold it in place.

Step 7: Pulling off the Grommet

Put the sharp end of your pick under the flange or lip of the grommet. The pick will also be under the mating surface of the tank. When you pull off the grommet, do it in one swift motion.

Step 8: Place New Grommet on the Water Tank

Remove the grommet that is connected to the new windshield washer pump. Place it on the spot where the old grommet sat on the water tank. Then spray lubricant is sprayed onto the shoulder on the washer pump.

Step 9: Placing the Windshield Washer Pump

Insert the washer pump's shoulder into the grommet. Firmly push it through the tabs on the washer tank. You will hear a “click” and that indicates that the windshield washer pump is firmly in place.

Step 10: Attaching the Power Cable

Reattach the power cable. Then connect the hose pipe back onto the nipple of the pump.

Step 11: Reattaching the Car Fender

Push the fender back up into position. Using the socket wrench, attach the bolts so that the fender is attached to the inner bumper. Once this is done, you have finished installing a windshield washer pump.