How to Install a Wood Porch Railing on a Concrete Porch

wood porch railing cannot be installed directly onto the concrete porch. However, it can be secured using solid metal post holders. Having wooden railings on the porch is a better option than having metal railings that rust due to moisture. In addition, this type of railing is easy to remove and replace in case it ages or becomes too damaged.

Tools and Materials

  • Wood porch railing kit
  • Drill and concrete bit
  • Metal post holders (with 4 to 6-inch sleeves)
  • Socket wrench
  • Concrete bolt
  • Washers
  • Tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Wooden block
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush

Step 1 – Plan the Installation

The wood porch railing pieces should fit the edges of the porch and allow enough space for the entrance. The railing should have posts that can be positioned to fit every corner of the porch as well. You can buy ready-made railings or have them built by a professional woodworker. If you plan to build the railing as a DIY project, be sure to measure the dimensions of the porch to come up with the exact fit. Position the post holders on every corner. The location of each post should conform to the wooden posts on the rails and not the other way around.

Step 2 – Install the Post Holders

While the post holders are in their respective positions, mark all 4-bolt holes with a pencil or marker. Remove the post holders temporarily. Prepare the drill by inserting a concrete bit into it. The size of the bit should be the correct one for the size of the bolt. Refer to the bolt manufacturer’s manual for correct drilling instructions. After drilling all holes, place the holders back to their original position.

Use a socket wrench to install the bolts into their respective holes. Before doing so, place a washer in between the bolt and the holder. Screw each bolt firmly into the holes one after the other. Check if the holder is firmly attached to the concrete before moving onto the next holder. Do not move onto the next if it is still wobbly. Secure every post holder to its respective position.

Step 3 – Install the Railings

Insert each wooden post to the holders. Trim the wood a bit if it is too tight. Place a wood block on top of the post and use a hammer to drive it into the holder if necessary. Ensure that the posts are all level with each other. Re-inspect the installation and make sure all posts are securely fastened to the holders.

Position the top and bottom rails in between the posts and secure them to each posts using 2.5-inch galvanized screws. Have assistants hold the rails steadily while you drive the screws in place. Make sure to drive 2 galvanized screws from the top of each rail into the posts. Do a final inspection before painting.

Step 4 – Paint Both Wood and Metal Pieces

Clean and sand the wooden rails and metal holders to prep them for painting. Coat all metal and wood surfaces with a high-quality primer and with a water and UV-resistant finishing coat.