How to Install a Wooden Shutter Knob

What You'll Need
Knobs, screws and hook
Measuring Tape
Drill machine

A wooden shutter enhances the aesthetic appearance of a home. The knobs on these shutters also add detail to the adornment of the room. While opting for a wooden shutter you match it with the wood work already installed in the house; its color, quality and design. Similarly its knobs are matched with other accessories of the same sort in that interior. They are mostly decorative with additional utility of fastening the shutter with the help of a hook. If you have just decided to install knobs on your wooden shutters we will help you. To do the job, go through the following simple instructions.

Step 1 – Choosing the Right Knob

You can find a variety of knobs for shutters at all hardware stores. Screws and a hook are usually available with each pair. Surely, the selection is your prerogative but bear in mind that these knobs should fit well on your shutters.

Step 2 – Determine the Position of Knob

Usually knobs are placed at the center of the height of the shutter. Use a measure tape to determine the exact point on which you want the knobs. Be sure to measure and mark both panels at the same level. You can use the point of a screw to make these marks.

Step 3 – Hammer in Pilot Holes

Once the installation points are decided and marked, make pilot holes by gently hammering a nail on the marks. Be careful not to hurt your fingers while hammering.

Step 4 – Drill Holes

Now make proper holes for the screws by using a drill machine. At this stage be cautious with the use of the drill machine. You might crack the wood if you apply too much force. Likewise, if you use the wrong bit of the drill machine again you are asking for trouble. The bit should be usable on wood. This precautionary measure can avoid a serious blow to your house improvement project.

Step 5 – Fix the Knobs

When the holes are drilled take one knob and fix it on the left panel aligning it with the hole from the front. Now insert and rotate the screw from the back side until it tightly secures the knob. On the right panel insert the screw first. Before setting the knob, place the hook at its base so that the hook comes between the shutter and the knob. Now tighten the knob but not so much as to jam it completely in one place. Let the hook have sufficient movement space so that it can be easily slid and attached to the knob on the other panel when you want to keep the shutters closed.

Step 6 – Check the Alignment

Close the shutters and check if the knobs on both the panels are aligned. Attach the hook to see if it smoothly positions itself on the knob on the other panel. If they set in soundly you have achieved your target of installing decorative knobs on the shutters as well as attaining its functionality as a lock.