How to Install a Wooden Yard Sign

What You'll Need
Sandpaper and dry cloth
foam brush and acrylic paint
brush and paint
circular saw
wood burner
hammer and steel nails

A wooden yard sign set up in your yard can serve multiple purposes. It can warn unwanted visitors, announce important information, such as the sale of the property, or simply add charm to your home.. Designing and creating a wooden sign is an easy and fun project that requires little resources. With a little creativity and imagination, you can produce eye-catching results. Find some suitable material, roll up your sleeves and see what you can achieve in just a day of your free time.

Step 1–Sanding

Fine-sand and dust the board that you will be using for the sign. Then, the first thing you need to do when you paint wooden furniture is to apply a coat of primer. Let the primer dry and sand the surface of the sign once again; then clean the resultant dust with a dry cloth. With the foam brush, apply acrylic paint on the sign and let it dry.

Step 2–Writing

Take a thin pencil and write the words you want to have on the sign. Dip a brush into a can of paint, dab it off on a piece of paper while pointing its tip and trace over the pencil lines. Now that you have finished the sign, you have two options to install it: you can either hang it on your fence, entrance, or you can attach it to a wooden post and set it up in the yard.

Drive two short screws into the back of the sign and connect them with a loose piece of wire. Using this wire, hang the sign wherever you find appropriate. If you prefer to attach your sign to a wooden post, first, you must find the material for the post.

To make a wooden post you can use almost any type of wood; however, it is recommended that you use pine, oak or ash due to their exceptional strength and durability.

Step 3–Cut the Post

Mark the desired length of the wooden post, adding an extra foot for the part that will go underground. Cut the post with a circular saw or other suitable tool. Strip the bark and let the post stay in salt water for the night to prevent decay.

Optionally, you can use a wood burner or a power engraver to add some decoration. If you feel inspired, you can also create some three-dimensional patterns with a chisel and a hammer. After you are done with the cutting and ornamentation, apply a coat of clear wood stain.

Step 4–Attach the Sign to the Post

To fasten the sign to the post, you can use either steel nails or metal wire. If you decide to use nails, lay the sign flat over the post and hammer a couple of nails in its upper and lower part.

If you prefer to use wire, fix a couple of screws in the back of the sign, leaving them slightly protruding. Tie a piece of metal wire around the first screw, the post and the second screw. Cut the redundant wire with pliers.