How to Install Accent Lights on Eaves

What You'll Need
A ladder

The eaves are a part of your home's roofline—the outermost portion. They are an integral part of your home's gutter system. You can use many different materials for your eaves, as well as different accent lighting as a nice touch to your outdoor decor during the dusk and evening hours. Follow the simple instructions below to successfully install accent lights on your eaves.

Step 1 - Purchase Lighting

Purchase lighting specifically designed for exterior accent lighting. To save electricity, purchase LED lights. For example, try ball lighting that works great in the outdoors. They have battery operated options that also work great and save you the hassle of home house wiring.

Step 2 - Mount the Lights

Mount the lights according to the manufacturer's directions. If you are using battery operated lighting, then you do not need to run wires to an outlet. If you are using a string of wired lighting, then you will need to run exterior grade electrical wire to an exterior outlet or you will need to patch a hole into your attic and run the wiring through to the interior of your home. Most lighting can be fixed with clips or with a couple screws.