How to Install Acoustic Panels How to Install Acoustic Panels

What You'll Need
Acoustic sound panels
Measuring tape
Anchor clips

Adding acoustic panels to your room can soften sound vibrations, preventing sound travelling where it's not wanted and also limits the effect of echoing.

Step 1 - Preparation

Ensure your room is well ventilated as you will be using adhesive to attach the panels. Use your tape measure to measure to measure the wall area you are wishing to work on. Make a basic sketch of your room using a pencil and paper to judge the amount of acoustic panels you will need, ideally you should place a panel every 12 inches. Gather all your tools and you are ready to begin.

Step 2 - Choose a Location

Once you have completed your plan, use your tape measure and pencil to mark out the areas where you will be installing the panels. Decide how many impaling clips you will be using to attach your panels to the wall, to be safe you should really at least use four clips to make the panel secure. Squeeze some adhesive onto the back of an impaling clip and press glue side down onto the previously designated area of the wall. Continue to glue the remaining clips onto the wall for each panel.

Step 3 - Install the Panels

Turn your acoustic panel over and apply some adhesive onto the back of each panel, carefully pick up the panel and line up against the marked area on the wall. Firmly press the panel onto the wall with your fist, ensuring the clips embed into the back of the panel. Before you move to your next panel check that your board has met the wall, if not press with fist again. Repeat the process for each panel.


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