How to Install Adhesive Carpet Tiles Part 2 How to Install Adhesive Carpet Tiles Part 2

Now that you have started your installation of adhesive carpet tiles, it is time to keep the process moving. At this point, you are ready to start laying some tiles. Here are the basics of how to keep the installation process of your adhesive carpet tiles going. (This is Part 2 of a 3 part series. Click to return to Part 1 or to move ahead to Part 3.)

Step 1-- Place the First Tile

Since you have already divided the room into sections and determined what pattern you will use, it is time to start laying the tile. Take one of the tiles and remove the backing that covers up the adhesive. Once you do this, make sure not to touch the adhesive to anything but the floor. Move to the center of the room and place the corner of the tile directly in the corner of the chalk lines that you made. Make sure that you point the tile in the right direction for the pattern that you selected.

Step 2--Continue Laying Tiles

After you get the first tile in place, take another tile and remove the backing from the adhesive. Look at the bottom of the tile and you will notice that there is an arrow pointing in the direction that the carpet is running. If you are doing a quarter turn pattern, you will want to appropriately turn the tile in a different direction from the first one. If you are laying all of the tile in the same direction, make sure that the arrow is pointing in the same direction as the first tile. You can then lay the tile directly next to the first one on the ground. Make sure that you firmly press the tile onto the floor and do not leave any gaps between the tiles.

Step 3--Completing the Section

Since you have the room divided into four quadrants, you should focus on one quadrant at a time. Do all of the whole pieces of tile that you can do in the area that you are working on. At that point, you can move onto the other quadrants of the room. Do all of the whole tiles that you can do and leave a gap between them and the wall. You should then have all of the room covered except a gap all the way around the tiles next to the wall.

Step 4--Cutting the Tiles

You will now need to cut tiles to fit in the gaps. Take your tape measure and measure the gap between one of the tiles and the wall. You can then measure this distance on one of the tiles and make a mark on the back of it in the appropriate place. Lay the tile with the backing up. Take your straight edge and lay it on the back of the tile next to the mark that you made. Use your utility knife to slowly cut across the tile.

Step 5--Installing the Last Tiles

Take the piece that you cut and place it in the gap. Continue doing this all the way around the outside of the room until the entire floor is covered with carpet tiles.

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