How to Install Aftermarket Side Mirrors

What You'll Need
Pry tool
Nut driver

Aftermarket side mirrors can change the look of a car. Luckily, they’re simple to install.

Step 1 - Access

Roll down the window of the car. For electric mirrors, disconnect the negative battery terminal after this. Remove the screws of the door panel then take off the trim with a pry tool and and finally take off the door panel. If you have electric windows, unplug the harness. Use the nut driver to remove the nuts holding the side mirror in place and then remove it.

Step 2 - Installation

Put the aftermarket side mirror in place so that the bolts on the mirror are through the holes in the assembly. Tighten the nuts with the nut driver until the mirror is held firmly. Test to see if the mirror wiggles.

If it’s an electric mirror, replace the harness, checking that everything is properly hooked up. To complete the installation, screw the interior door panel back in place on the door and replace the trim. Put the negative battery cable back on the terminal and tighten properly.

Step 3 - Adjustment

With an electric aftermarket side mirror, adjust with the controls. Otherwise sit in the driver’s seat and adjust the mirror by hand until it’s exactly the way you want.