How to Install Aluminum Door Awnings

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Aluminum door awnings can shelter you from the elements in inclement weather and hot sunny days. They are inexpensive and easy to install yourself in just a short amount of time, and can also provide shade to your front door at high noon and into the evening. There are many types of awnings available, retractable ones and stationary, and you will want to follow assembly instructions included in your kit as well.

Set the Mounting Brackets Height

When installing any awning, you must ensure that the bottom of the awning clears the doorway and will not contact a tall person's head as he walks underneath. Make sure you take even measurements on both sides of where the awning will be mounted to ensure that it is installed at the correct height and is even.

Adjust the Pitch of the Hood

On some aluminum awning models, there is a top adjustment that leans the outer edge of the awning down further to add pitch so weather can run off without pooling in its center. On adjustable awnings, you want to mount them so that when it is in its "up" or retracted position, it will fit under the ledge of your roof and above the door without obstruction.