How to Install Aluminum Gutters Part 1

What You'll Need
Gutter sections and components
Chalk line
Ladder or scaffolding
Tape measure
Rust resistant screws
Power drill and screwdriver bits
String level and carpenter's level

Aluminum gutters are known for their durability. Light and easy to assemble, no wonder this type of gutter is commonly used in modern households. Reasons to why aluminum gutters are preferred are: durability, easy installation and variety of designs.

Aluminum gutters are very light weight; it wouldn’t cost you so much labor when installing it. In fact, you can do the installation by yourself. It would be advisable to have a helper around if your roof is long to save time and effort.

Step 1 – Prepare the Gutters

The first thing you need to do is to know how many gutters your house requires. Go around your house and locate the areas where you plan to put the gutters. Make sure the gutter will lead to a good drainage system to avoid any hassles later on.

Step 2 – Measure the Edges

Use your tape measure to measure the edges of your roof. Most gutters arrive in 10-foot sections which will help you determine how many sections of aluminum gutters you will need for the house. Make sure you place add a 10 percent allowance before ordering the sections. Before you head to the store, compute the number of materials that you will use together with the aluminum gutters.

Step 3 – Align the Markings

Start at the end of the roof away from the downspout and from the edge, measure ½ inch downwards. Go to the downspout edge and measure again ½ inch from the roof edge. Make sure the markings are level with each other. Make the necessary adjustments to align the markings.

Step 4 - Take Note of the Slope

You don’t need complex math to solve this. Try to figure the height of slope you will need to ensure easy flow of water to the downspout. Use this as a basis for measuring the distance between the first mark to the downspout end, and then get your chalk line and to draw a line. This will be your basis when you install the gutters.

Step 5 – Installation

Get screws and switch on the power drill to create openings for the gutter. Get the individual sections of the gutter and climb up the ladder to install. Make sure the ladder is properly and securely angled to avoid any accidents. Use your hacksaw to cut the excess aluminum gutter. Use the caulk to seal the edges to prevent the water from leaking.

Once you are done, make first an elbow for your downspout. Measure and cut and put the downspout beneath the base of the drop outlet. Get your mounting brackets and attach the gutter to the wall. Repeat the same procedures to the other parts of the house.

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