How to Install Aluminum Vertical Blinds How to Install Aluminum Vertical Blinds

What You'll Need
Aluminum vertical blinds

Aluminum vertical blinds offer better privacy than other vertical blinds available. Vertical blinds are great for windows that are relatively wider and larger. There are many other types of vertical blinds aside from aluminum. These types include vinyl, fabric, and wood. The vertical blinds can either be stacked to the right side or the left side of the window to provide an opening. They can also be stacked in the middle depending on the design. The slats can be opened or closed to allow or disallow light to enter. To provide privacy for a room, consider installing aluminum vertical blinds. Here are the instructions.

Step 1 – Choose How to Install the Vertical Blinds

The aluminum vertical blinds can be installed inside mount or outside mount. When the blinds will be installed inside mount, they will provide a much cleaner look. An outside mount will block the light from the outside more effectively. The usual preference is the inside mount installation because it provides a better looking installation than the other one.

Step 2 – Prepare to Install

Unpack the vertical blinds as well as the mounting hardware. Check the printed instructions that come along with the product to familiarize with the parts and installation process. The vertical blinds are to be installed not outside but inside the window frames.

Step 3 – Set Up the Mounting Hardware

Set up the mounting hardware on the top of the window away from the glass. The mounting hardware can also be set up all the way to the front of the window opening to provide easier installation. Drill holes on the window frame to give space for screws. Install the mounting bracket by securely screwing them on the selected locations on the window frame. Install the other mounting bracket on the opposite side of the window frame. Make sure that the two brackets installed on the same level. Install other supporting mounting hardware that may be included in the package.

Step 4 – Install the Headrail

Place the balance clips evenly on the headrail and slide it into position on the mounting hardware. The headrail is the long piece of metal that holds the slats of the vertical blinds together. The blinds should be locked into position by the mounting clips.

Step 5 – Adjust Cord Stops

Make sure to adjust the vertical blinds’ cord stops at least two inches down from the headrail.

Step 6 – Double Check the Connections

Make sure that all connections are tight and secure. Check if the screws on the mounting bracket are tight enough to hold the vertical blinds strongly. Check the manufacturer’s manual to check if the pieces are installed in their proper locations.

Step 7 – Test the Aluminum Vertical Blinds

Open the slats of the vertical blind and close them to check if they work properly. Slide all the slats into one side or the middle depending on where the slats are designed to group together. If the slats move with ease, the blinds are installed properly. 

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