How to Install an Above Ground Pool Skimmer

What You'll Need
Hole Punch
Putty knife
Skimmer gaskets
Face plate
Pliers or socket set

If you want to install an above ground pool skimmer, then you can fit this yourself. A pool skimmer is vital for pulling out debris from the surface of the water, and can be very useful if you live in an area with lots of trees or plants. You can fit a skimmer on the edge of the pool which will allow you to remove these items from the pool, and this is not very different. Installing an above ground pool skimmer is not very difficult, and you should be able to manage this in one day.

Step 1 - Positioning  the Skimmer

In order to find the right place for your skimmer, extend it out into the pool, and make sure that you can reach all of the pool from the position of the skimmer. The correct location of the skimmer is vital, as once you have installed it, you will find it difficult to move it to a different location. Check twice and then install once, is the best idea. When you are sure about the location of the skimmer, you should then drain the pool slightly, in order to allow you to fit the skimmer without touching the water.

Step 2 - Install the Face Plate

The next step is to install the face plate. Put this into the position which you have chosen. This should be placed down as close to the opening of the skimmer as possible. Mark the holes in the wall using a marker pen, and then drill a number of holes into the side of the pool. Once this is done, use the hole punch to make holes in the pool liner. Add caulk to the plate, and then press the skimmer plate onto the side of the pool.

Step 3 - Add the Skimmer

Place a layer of caulk on the edge of the gaskets, and place these into the side of the pool. Place the skimmer on the top, and then push the screws for the unit into the face plate. The screws should be pushed until they hit the gaskets on the pool side. Secure this with the nuts on the edge of the pool. Don't allow the nuts to tighten excessively, as this will cause them to break the face plate, so instead tighten with the pliers, and then leave.

Step 4 - Finishing Up

Once you have finished installing the skimmer, cut an opening in the pool liner at the top of the face plate. Add the skimmer's plumbing, and then connect it to the pool pump. You may need to join the pump with hoses and clamps. Set up the pump, and start it running. Perform a skim of the water, to ensure that all of the pipes and tubes are clear. You can then leave the skimmer in the pool until the next time you need it.