How to Install an Above Ground Pool Slide

What You'll Need
Pool Slide
Drill Bits
Socket Wrench
Tools for Assembling Slide
Open Deck

With the use of an above ground pool slide your summer days are sure to be fun and cool. A slide is a great way to enjoy your pool while you are lounging around on your deck and getting some refreshing moments in your pool. There are many different types of slides available to people who own a pool. It does not matter whether you have an in-ground or an above ground pool, the slide you choose will have to be installed correctly. 

Step 1: Make Sure You Have Room for Slide

Installing an above ground pool slide must be carefully thought through before you purchase your slide. Is your pool large enough for a slide? Do you have an area where a slide can be installed? A deck should be built around the pool, or some type of landing. Spend some time determining where the slide will go on your pool so people will not be colliding with each other. 

Step 2: Prepare Landing for Pool Slide

In order to install an above ground pool slide you need to have some sort of platform, deck, or landing. It must also have some sort of fencing around it according to city and insurance codes. Make sure that these items are built beforehand and are ready to receive the slide.

Step 3: Assemble Pool Slide

There are many different kids of pool slides available for people who want to enjoy them. They can come in curves, straight and with bumps. They can also be open slides or round tubular slides that are enclosed. Once you have made the decision, and purchased the above ground pool slide, you will need to assemble it before installation. Read the directions carefully and put the slide together according to manufacturer's recommendations.

Step 4: Install Mounting Brackets

In a typical above ground pool slide there are four supports that need to be secured to a stable foundation. They will come with simple mounting brackets that are mounted with bolts to the wooden landing. Set the brackets on the deck and arrange them according to the width and length of the pool. Mark each hole for the bolts and remove the brackets. Drill the pilot holes. Replace the brackets and secure to the landing with the supplied bolts. 

Step 5: Install Support Poles for Slide

With the brackets installed for the above ground pool slide you can easily install the support poles. Place them in the mounting brackets and slide the bolt through the bracket and the pole. Tighten the nut on the other side for a secure installation. 

Step 6: Install Pool Slide

You will need to enlist the help of a friend to lift the pool slide up onto the support poles. Once onto the poles you will need to secure it with the use of the supplied nuts and bolts. Take your time and make sure the slide is set correctly. 

Step 7: Install Ladder and Enjoy

Once the slide is placed upon the support poles, you only need to attach the ladder portion and you are ready to go for a swim. Use the supplied nuts and bolts and attach the ladder. Make sure it is secure to the deck also.