How to Install an Absorber Plate in your Flat Plate Solar Collector How to Install an Absorber Plate in your Flat Plate Solar Collector

What You'll Need
The fin or the absorber sheet that should be made from a material conducted with high thermal
Coating produced from metallic plating processes or black paint
Wooden tray (wooden boards and thin ply-wood)
Steel rods
Drywall screws and nails

Flat plate solar collector is commonly used by domestic households for their water heating system and space heating system. A flat plate solar collector has a major component which is called the absorber plate. It's responsible for absorbing the maximum amount of solar energy from the sun which helps it to conduct heat into the water. Absorber plates are properly installed to flat plate solar collector to achieve the most of its performance.

Step 1 - Prepare the Wooden Base Platform

Form a wooden tray by first making a wood frame walled by thin ply-wood. This will serve as the platform where you will nail the wooden boards.

Lay the wooden boards into the wooden platform and nail them using the hammer. You can also use drywall screws to attach the boards and secure it in place. In hammering the nail or putting drywall screws, make sure that you will do it from the top layer down to the platform. Never hammer from the back of the platform to the top layer. Nail the wooden boards properly and check if its strong enough in place. Keep a little spacing between the wooden boards, like 1 cm.

This wooden tray should be measure little wider than your aluminum sheet to prevent overlapping sides of the aluminum sheet. It would also be better if you put side supports to your wooden base to hold the aluminum sheet in place.

Step 2 – Paint the Aluminum Sheet

With the use of black paint, coat the aluminum sheet and let it dry before use. Just paint it with thin layers of black paint which is enough for helping it absorb more heat. When it’s dry, clean the aluminum sheet from dust or dirt.

There are actually special coatings which are more efficient than black paint. You can purchase these special coatings at a hardware store. Stores selling aluminum and steels usually know more about coatings which are done from metallic plating processes.

Step 3 – Pound the Aluminum Sheet

Lay the aluminum sheet into the wooden board base. You can just slide it through the base. The side support of the wooden base will keep the aluminum sheet in place.

Step 4 – Secure with Steel Rods

Place the steel rods in line above the aluminum plate. The side support should contain slots which would hold the steel rods in place. After doing this, you can now proceed to attach the solar plate collectors to form your flat-plate solar collector.

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