How to Install an Accelerator Cable

The accelerator cable makes the connection between the acceleration pedal and the carburetor. Keeping the acceleration assembly in proper condition is necessary if you want your car to function correctly. Because of the friction and of the heat that this cable supports, it might frequently break and so you will probably get in the situation of having to change it and install the cable by yourself. Even if the installation process varies depending on the car type, but you can follow the simple steps below to complete this project.

Tools and Materials

  • Cable
  • Screwdriver
  • Grease
  • Rags
  • Pliers

Step 1 – Take Safety Measures

Stop the car engine and let it cool down for a while before starting the cable installation. This will help you avoid getting burned in the process.

Step 2 – Check the Cable

Check your cable to make sure it does not have any kinks, cuts, burrs or rough spots. This kind of defects on the cable can damage the plastic cover that protects it or even compromise cable’s strength. If you install a new cable it should be in a very good condition. Also, measure the cable and check if it has the suitable length.

Step 3 – Remove the Old Cable

Use a screwdriver to detach the old cable from the acceleration pedal on the one side, and from the throttle lever near the carburetor in the engine compartment, on the other side. Carefully pull the cable from the flexible cable tube.

Step 4 – Pass the New Cable Through the Guide Tube

Use grease to lubricate the new cable while you are passing it through the guide tube all the way into the engine compartment. Grease is optional but it will make it easier for you to get the cable through the cable tube. Keep some rags near you to clean your hands after you have inserted the cable and before you work with other pieces.

Step 4 - Connect the Cable to the Acceleration Pedal

Open the hood of the car and check if you succeeded in getting the cable into the engine compartment. Then connect the fitting of the cable to the pedal extension by using a screwdriver to tighten the screw holding it.

Step 5 – Get the Cable Through the Engine Compartment

Use plastic clamps to avoid getting the cable near moving parts of the engine if necessary.

Step 6 – Connect the Cable to the Carburetor

Find the throttle lever near the carburetor. Pull the cable so that it is well stretched, and insert its end into the barrel clamp. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screw holding it. It is important to make sure the cable is well stretched; otherwise, your acceleration will not function properly.

Step 7 – Check Cable Installation

Take your car for a test drive to check that your acceleration responds accurately to your commands. If you observe delays in response, you might need to tighten the cable a bit more.