How to Install an Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

Installing an adjustable fuel pressure regulator yourself can save you money and time, and the adjustable fuel pressure regulator will help lower the amount of fuel your car uses. In this article you will find some simple instructions on how you can install one in your car.

Tools and Materials

  • Pliers
  • Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
  • Adjustable fuel pressure O-ring
  • Socket wrench set
  • Torque wrench

Step 1: Relieving the Fuel System Pressure

You must open your fuel filler door so the gas cap can be removed. This will start relieving the fuel system pressure.

Step 2: Finishing the Relieving of the Fuel System Pressure

Start the engine of the car. Let the car run until it stalls. This relieves all the rest of the fuel system pressure. Now disconnect the battery cable on the negative side.

Step 3: Finding the Fuel Pressure Regulator

You will have to look at the outside edge of the fuel rail to find where the fuel pressure regulator is located. Once you find it, remove the hose clamp from the fuel return line that is connected to the fuel pressure regulator. Once that is done, disconnect the hose.

Step 4: Pulling off the Vacuum Hose

The vacuum hose must be pulled off by hand rather than using any tools. It is recommended that you never use tools on your vacuum hose, as they can damage it easily.

Step 5: Unbolting the Regulator

The two bolts that are attached on each side of the regulator must be removed. Use the pliers to remove the bolts and then slip the regulator off.

Step 6: Checking Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator for O-Ring

Check that your new adjustable fuel pressure regulator has a new O-ring. You cannot reuse the old one, as it will not provide a proper seal at this point. If your new regulator doesn't come with an O-ring, you must buy a new one.

Step 7: Attaching the Fuel Pressure Regulator and O-Ring to the Mounting Bracket

The new adjustable fuel pressure regulator and new O-ring should now be attached to the mounting bracket. The bolts are tightened with the torque wrench. The bolts must hit 8 pounds of torque.

Step 8: Connecting the Vacuum Hose and Fuel-Return Line

Now attach the vacuum hose and fuel-return line. The vacuum hose must be connected by hand; no tools should be used to connect it. The vacuum hose is pushed back into the position it came from. The fuel-return line is attached by reconnecting the hose clamp back onto the adjustable fuel pressure regulator and the fuel-return line. Once that is done, you can reattach the negative wire to the battery.

Step 9: Re-pressurize the Fuel System

You need to re-pressurize the fuel system of your car. To do this, turn your car ignition from “on” to “off.” Do this a few times. Once this is done, the installation of your new adjustable fuel pressure regulator is finished.