How to Install an Aftermarket Spoiler on a Car

  • 1-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 100-400
What You'll Need
A tape measure
A car spoiler
A wrench
A marker
A drill
A sander
Touch up paint
A vacuum
Protective eye wear

An aftermarket spoiler can enhance the look and value of your car. A spoiler looks much like a fin and it appears to cut through the air as the car moves. It can increase handling ability because it can improve the aerodynamics of the car. It can also increase the gas mileage. It can make an average looking car appear more sporty. Aftermarket spoilers are available in a variety of shapes, styles and materials. Car spoilers can be made from polyurethane, fiberglass and a lightweight metal. The cost of a new spoiler can range in price from one hundred to four hundred dollars depending on the spoiler style you choose.

Step 1 - Safety

Put on your protective eye wear before you begin to work.

Step 2 – Measuring the Trunk Lid

Use a tape measure to determine the length and the width of the lid of the trunk of your car. You will need to add in the dimensions of the underside bracing structure of the trunk lid.

Step 3 – Purchasing the Spoiler

Visit your local dealership or automobile parts shop to purchase your new spoiler. Take your measurements with you. Speak with a professional service person about your plans. Be sure the spoiler you purchase is one that is manufactured for the make and model of your car. If necessary, you can purchase a universal spoiler but you will probably have to make a few more adjustments to the spoiler.

Step 4 – Assembling the Spoiler

Position the wing brackets of the spoiler so that they fit together properly. Use a wrench to carefully tighten the bolts that will keep the brackets together securely.

Step 5 – Marking the Location for the Spoiler

Properly position the new spoiler on your trunk, facing the correct direction. Use a marking tool to indicate the locations for the installation holes on the outside of your car trunk. Take the spoiler off of the trunk

Step 6 – Making the Installation Holes

Use a drill to make the hole in the trunk, through the top and underside metal layers. Be sure to begin with holes that are smaller in diameter. Holes that are too large will require resizing. Slowly make the holes larger as you work until they are the correct size for the installation. Use a vacuum to remove any scraps of metal from your car trunk.

Step 7 – Finishing the Installation Holes

Use a sander to smooth the hole edges. Apply a coat of touch up paint to the hole edges to prevent any rust from developing.

Step 8 – Installing the New Spoiler

Have a friend nearby that can help you with this step. Position the spoiler onto your car trunk again. Position the washers and then use a wrench to tighten the bolts that secure the spoiler to the trunk. Each of the bolts should be tightened with the same amount of pressure. The spoiler should not move at all.