How to Install an Air Duct Fan

Your heating system will never work without an air duct fan. An air duct fan will increase the efficiency of your air circulation as well as the diffusion of warm or cold air throughout your rooms. Although you can always have a professional install the fan into your duct work, you can very easily do it yourself.

Step 1 – Purchasing the Right Duct Fan

Before you go on and purchase an air duct fan, you have to make sure that it’s going to be compatible with your system. First, know your duct system and see if you have a 4 inch, 5 inch or 6 inch one. Second, know the material your duct is made of: whether flexible or solid metal. Lastly, know if your ducts are connected by screws or by tape. When you go and buy your air duct fan, present the following information to the sales representative.

Step 2 – Positioning Your Air Duct Fan

As much as possible, you must position the fan near both your duct work and a power outlet. However, do not place the air duct fan too close to the register or else it will magnify the noise that is produced when air is produced. Another thing to consider is whether the air duct fan can easily be cleaned or repaired from its placement.

Step 3 – Connecting the Fan

There are two ways for you to connect your air duct fan to the duct work. The first approach is to cut out a section of your duct with the use of a template provided in the purchase of your fan. The second approach is to directly connect the fan to the duct work by disconnecting a segment of it.

Step 4 – Cutting the Template

The template in your air duct fan will contain an arrow that must coincide with the airflow direction of your ducts. Tape the template to the duct and then drill a hole into it. Using that pilot hole cut your duct work according to the template than you have.

Step 5 - Mounting the Air Duct Fan

Simply position your air duct fan in the cut out duct and make sure that everything is fit properly. It’s very important that you test spinning the fan blades of your fan to make sure that there are no obstructions. The fan must be mounted so that the arrow printed on it in the same direction as the airflow of the ducts. Follow the instructions of your air duct fan when it comes to mounting. You can either use screws or spring.

Step 6 – Feeding the Wires

Take the wires of your air duct fan from the side opening of the unit and then attach them to the duct with the use of metal tape. When you’re done with the wires, inspect the sides of the air duct fan and seal the seams by taping so that all the air stays in the ducts.

Step 7 – Wiring

Your air duct fan will have specific instructions when it comes to connecting your unit to a power source. But if you want to use a switch to turn on the fan, splice the air duct fan wire and attach it to a plug which you can then plug into a circuit breaker that has a switch.