How to Install an Air Intake Tube How to Install an Air Intake Tube

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If you are wondering the steps you need to take in order to install an air intake tube, you can follow these simple steps. Finding the best directions on how to replace the air intake tube in your vehicle has never been easier with the Internet. You want to make sure that you get the correct materials for the type of vehicle you own.

Step 1: Remove Old Tube

When you go to change the air intake tube, you want to make sure the old one is out. You will need to consult your vehicle manual for specific tool sizes, and tube size since every vehicle is different. Make sure your vehicle is parked on a low level surface, with the parking brake on. Do not start working until the engine is cool to the touch, this will eliminate burns.

Remove the wires from the negative terminal on the battery; this reduces the risk of being shocked. If your vehicle has a mass air flow sensor, then you will also want to disconnect this. Some vehicles do not; you will want to check with your manual. Remove all the items that are around the air intake system, so you can access the system better while working on it.

Step 2: Check the Filter

Check the filter, if you are in need of a new one, you should unscrew the box, and place a new filter in it. Make sure all the parts of the air intake system are all where they should be, and that you have all the parts needed. You should unscrew the tube from the system; screw a new tube in the place of the old one. Once this is done, you should then place the new filter over the new tube. You should then place a clamp over the two to hold them securely in place. Pull the filter gently to make sure it is securely in place, and it will not slide off when put back on.

Step 3: Installing New Tube

Take note of any obstacles in the way of the output pipe. Make sure the intake tube is securely in place to reduce the risk of rattling, or of it coming loose. Plug the mass air flow sensor back in the air intake system. Reconnect the battery terminal, and close the hood. You will want to turn the vehicle on to check if the engine is running smoothly, or if there is rattling from loose pipes. This will then complete the process of installing a new air intake tube, your vehicle should run smoother, because of the new pipe, and filter that was just installed.

Installing a new tube can be easy, just follow the steps. Be sure to always follow all safety standards and refer to your manual to avoid accidents. If you do not feel that your car is working properly afterward, consult with a mechanic.

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