How to Install an Aluminum Deck Railing

What You'll Need
Aluminum deck railing
Attachment plugs
Drill bits

If you want to give your decks an impressive and modern look, then one way to achieve this is to install aluminum deck railing. The average deck can look very pale and boring, and so the benefits of installing something a little brighter, and available in a range of colors, can help you to make your decking area seem a little less dated than other styles. Ordinary decks are usually only available in brown or pale brown, while you can find aluminum deck railing in blacks, greens, bronzes and coppers, making the decking look much more interesting than before. Aluminum deck rails are really easy to fit, and you should be able to complete this project easily by following a few simple guidelines.

Step 1 - Calculate Your Needs

You will first have to work out how many rails you need in order to complete you decking area. Make sure that you buy not only the right amount of rails, but also the correct number of rail fittings and brackets. This can  be vital, as you won't be able to secure your rails without these tools. Carefully measure all the area around your deck, and then work out the distance of the rails. Divide your deck area from your rail distance, and this should give you the total number of rails needed. Don't forget to include the railing fittings in this calculation.

Step 2 - Begin the Installation

Once you have bought your railings, you can then start to fit them into the deck. Begin by attaching the plugs to the rails. These need to be fitted to the top and bottom rails, at around 4 inch spacing. Take the brackets and screw these into the posts at the right height for your railings. You should screw these into position using the drill. make sure that all of these parts are secured before you proceed. Take your starting post and screw this onto your decking so that it touches the wall. Install all of the posts at the required distance. Mark the position of the railings to be placed around this area.

Step 3 - Fixing the Rails

Take the first rail, and place it into the lower bracket on each rail post. you need to attach the rails onto the bracket so that the plugs fit against them, and then carefully lower the top rail onto the plugs, so that you can attach the top holes through to the plugs fitted at the bottom. Snap them together, and then push the top rail into the bracket.

Step 4 - Finishing the Installation

You can then begin screwing in the railings to the posts. Make sure that you get the right size screw for the railings. Begin by attaching the railings to the post fitted against the wall. Proceed around the decking until you have finished the installation. You can then add paint or any other decoration to your railings.