How to Install an Arched Wall Niche How to Install an Arched Wall Niche

What You'll Need
Scrap Wood 1/10 inch x 2
2/4 feet Wood Boards
Screwdriver and wood Screws
Miter Saw
Drywall Screws
3/8 inch Drywall Slab
Drywall Tape and drywall Mud
Spray bottle with water
Drywall Saw
Stud Finder
Painters Caulk
Primer and paint

An arched wall niche is a nice way to decorate your home. Arched wall niches have been in use for hundreds of years, dating back to the Roman and Greek times. Even today, you can still find arched niches in old homes, churches and other historical buildings. Installing an arched wall niche in your home is not an impossible task, yet it is one that is challenging. With the right tools and this guide you can install your very own arched wall niche and add a new look to your home. Here’s how you do it.

Step 1 – Cut the Wood

Take the 2/4 inch board and cut 2 pieces of wood, they should be 52 inches in length. Cut another 2 pieces of board, 20 inches in length. Attach the two 20 inch boards to the 52 inch boards to form a rectangle. Use the wood screws to secure the boards together.

Step 2 - The Arch

Take 2 pieces of the scrap wood and nail them together to form a “V”. Fix the “V” to the center, at the top of the frame and secure it to the frame on all 3 sides with wood nails.

With the pencil sketch the outline of the arched niche on your wall. Make sure the length and the breadth are the same as your frame.

Step 3 – Find the Studs and Cut the Wall

Use the stud finder to locate the studs in your wall. Your niche should be between 2 studs on the wall. Cut the area you traced on the wall with a drywall saw.

Take the frame and place it in the hole you just cut. You will need to place shims under the frame for it to be level. Use the woodscrews and fix the frame to the studs on both sides.

Step 4 – Drywall Pieces

Use the saw to cut the drywall you just removed so that they match all the sides of your arched wall niche. Secure these pieces with the drywall screws. Use the drywall tape to cover the seams on the wall. Take the drywall mud and spread it over the area you just taped.

Step 5 – The Molding

Spray water on top of the arch until the drywall mud is soft enough to mold. Gently mold the mud into the angle of the “V” at the top of your frame. Let it dry for some time.

Use painter’s caulk to fill all the corners on top of the wooden frame. Let the caulk and mud dry properly.

Step 6 – Finishing Touches

With the sandpaper, lightly sand the surface till it becomes smooth. Now you can apply primer to the drywall mud and apply 2 coats of paint to the structure. Let it dry and you are done.

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